“Great performance. I was happy to see the discipline exhibited by the class. I also liked the music selection. I think it and the routine are very appropriate for this age group. I’m pleased with how my child is progressing. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to enjoying the recital.” -Parent of Tap/Ballet Student

“The children have learned a great deal. I was happy to hear them using correct terminology. Tap also is improving (more combinations). Wonderful class!” -Parent of Tap/Ballet Student

“So impressed with how much they have learned! Very impressed with the creativity of the instructors.” -Parent of a Tap/Ballet Student

“Good instruction! I see much improvement since the last Watch Days!” -Parent of a Tap/Ballet Student

“Wonderful! They are really moving along in technique! The instructor is doing a great job in teaching and challenging the class! I am a pleased parent!” -Parent of a young Tap Student

“The class is very structured and taught well. The children appeared to be having a great time!” -Parent of a Tap/Ballet Student

“I am very pleased with my daughter’s progress in ballet. She loves the class so much! That says a lot about the instructor as well. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your keeping classes on time and reasonably priced!” -Parent of a Tap/Ballet II Student

“I think the instructor is a great teacher and very organized. The girls have a lot of fun, you can see it in their faces. My daughter was very excited to return here again this year!” -Parent of a Tap/Ballet II Student

“I really like the time the instructor takes with each girl. Either through a comment, touch, or glance. She expects ‘more’ from each girl, but no more than they can put out.” -Parent of a Jazz Student

“Wonderful instruction! Teacher encourages students to think about the ‘how’s’ and ‘whys’ of the positions, emphasizing importance of preparation, and posture. She speaks to the students with respect for their years of dance training, and expects their fullest attention and effort. My daughter loves the class and has gained more ability and knowledge this year in a short amount of time.” -Parent of an Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Student

“The class seems challenged but not overwhelmed. The girls look like they are having fun and enjoy dancing. Every dancer gets special attention and help where needed. I know my daughter looks forward to coming to class each week!” -Parent of a Ballet Student

“Wonderful as always!” -Parent of a Creative Movement Student

“My husband and I enjoyed coming to see what the students have learned in such a short time. We can tell that the children respect the teacher and do what they are instructed to do. It is a gift to be able to teach, especially young children. We like how you are giving lessons on more than just dance steps. It is very important to have a well rounded education in whatever you are doing. Our children love taking dance lessons with you and we are very happy and comfortable too!” -Parent of a Tap/Ballet I Student

“I like seeing the girls learn more of the terminology of ballet. My daughter seems to be more focused this year. That coming with age and respect for the teachers. She loves both of her classes. Thank you!” -Parent of a Ballet Student

“- Very impressed with performance. – Girls are doing well and seem to enjoy class as well. – Like the girls getting the fundamentals. – Like that the instructors help on an individual basis during class. – Very pleased with class. Thank you for letting the parents watch!” -Parent of Tap/Ballet Student