Pauline Hullinger


Pauline HullingerPauline began her formal piano study at the age of eight in her home town of Roosevelt , Utah . At the age of thirteen, she began studying with Florence Brinton, a student of Gladys Gladstone, in Salt Lake City . She studied with her for five years. At Brigam Young University she majored in music and studied privately with Maxine Cameron and Mariene Bachelder.

Pauline took her first piano students when she was sixteen. In 1981, she took the Suzuki Talent Education Piano Course from Nancy Weintraub in Atlanta . She then began to incorporate Mr. Shinichi Suzuki’s “Mother Tongue” philosophy into her teaching. In 2000 and 2002, Pauline attended Piano Basics workshops led by Haruko Kataoka, of Matsumoto , Japan . Dr. Kataoka was the accompanist for Dr. Suzuki’s violin school. She, along with Dr. Suzuki’s sister, developed the Talent Education or Suzuki piano method, later changed to Piano Basics. Pauline has attended various Piano Basics workshops with various master teachers. She also studied Suzuki Piano Basics for two years with Robin Blankenship and Leah Brammer.

After marriage and the birth of her four children, Pauline returned to teaching, but confined to teaching only a few students until her children were older. For the past sixteen years she has taught privately and at a Montessouri school. She began teaching at Dominy School of Performing Arts the season of 1998-1999.

Mrs. Hullinger is an organist and pianist at her church and often accompanies her children as they perform on their violins. She is a member of the Atlanta Area Suzuki Piano Association, Music Teachers National Association, Georgia Music Teachers Association, and Decatur Music Teachers Association.