Fee Schedule 2020-2021

Below are the prices for our Ballet, Tap, Pointe, Modern/Jazz and Combination Classes at Dominy School. Please see our “Independent Contractors” page for fees on Ballroom, Neuromuscular Therapy & Massage Therapy!

Monthly tuition: If it is paid by the 7th of each month. $10 late fee incurred after the 7th of each month.

Semi-Annual tuition: 5% discount if paid by check, cash or money order ONLY. 2 payments – August (for Aug-Dec) & January (for Jan – May). June tuition will be half of your regular monthly rate.

Annual tuition: 10% discount if paid by check, cash or money order ONLY. 1 payment in July or August only! (For August – May). June tuition will be half of your regular monthly rate.

Hours per week:          Monthly tuition:        Semi-Annual:         Annual:
1 hour per wk               $65/month                   $316.88                  $585
1 1/2 hours per wk      $90/month                   $438.75                   $810
2 hours per wk             $109/month                 $531.38                  $981
2 1/2 hours per wk      $125/month                 $609.38                  $1125
3 hours per wk             $143/month                 $697.13                   $1287
More than 3 hrs/wk    Additional $40/month/each hour
Single class                    $17/hour
Private Classes              $50/hour or $25/half-hour

June tuition will be determined after we are able to set a recital date in mid-late June. It is typically half your regular tuition amount.

Additional Mandatory Fees:

Registration: Due by 1st class
FREE registration if you register by Sunday, August 16th 2020.
Beginning Monday, August 17th the first student is $25. $5 off for each additional student in the same family.

Recital Fee: Due by Friday, September 18th
$80 for first student. Family discount* $35 for second student. $20 for third student.
* Family discounts apply to ONLY family members living in the same household or children of a legal guardian.

Costume Fee: Due by Friday, November 13th
Ages 3-7 (as of Dec. 31, 2020): $70 per class*
Ages 8-10: $80 per class*
Ages 11-Adult: $90 per class* (Special orders and XL sizes are $8 extra)
* Costume fees may increase due to costume selections for your individual class
~ Costume fee is NOT refundable after the costume has been ordered. DSPA reserves the right not to order a student’s costume if fees are unpaid. Additional fees may be added if the fee is paid after the costumes have been ordered. Tights, shoes, added accessories and costume liners are not included.

Program Ad: $25 minimum due by Friday, April 23rd
~ Each family is responsible for selling or purchasing a minimum of one ad for the Recital program every year.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Tuition is due by the 7th of every month. A Late Fee of $10 will be added after the 7th. (Money from late fees help to sponsor the Scholarship Fund. Please contact Paula for information on need based work/study scholarships).
  • A $25 fee will be imposed on all returned checks.
  • Tuition is based on full term attendance; August 3rd through Recital in mid-late June. Students starting late may be pro-rated. There are NO REFUNDS for classes missed. Registration and Recital Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. It is also very important that students not withdraw after January 31st, since choreography for the recital will have begun and it is disruptive to the entire class. Excellent attendance is required for Recital participation!
  • For Perfect Attendance, you must start at the first class of the year and be here through Recital in June.
  • Classes with four (4) or fewer students may be cancelled or additional fees may be imposed.

* Private Lessons Available! * Teachers and choreographers available for your group! *

Call or text us at 770-388-7916
Email us at pauladominy@bellsouth.net

Updated: 7/31/2020